FERAL LUGGAGE : null wave + punk jazz + experimental folk metal + free noisescapes mika pontecorvo /guitar,electronics,flute,vocals. kersti abrams /alto sax,mbira,maqrunah,flute. elijah pontecorvo /bass,vocals,keyboards. colleen kelly t /cello,electronics,keyboards. mark pino /drums,percussion. patrick talesfore,jr /drums,percussion. adriane pontecorvo /cello,percussion. "renagade sounds from the 29th century in the shard forests of the Oort Cloud" ALBUMS: Diaspora Focii others PLEASE FOLLOW US ON BANDCAMP: SHOWS: Mon 11.OCT Nebraska Monday @Luna's Cave Sacramento -- Diaspora Focii Trio with Rent Romus, Tony Paserrel PRESS: (Diaspora Focii on Bandcamp) PRESS: Comtemporary Fusion Magazine(Diaspora Focii on Bandcamp) Bedouin Poets of Mars (collaboration)-> AUDIO-> VIDEO (live in Oakland)-> BIOGRAPHY-> For Booking & Info email : mika.pontecorvo@gmail.com