FERAL LUGGAGE is a sub-project of CARTOON JUSTICE (CJ), based on CJs Recording and 
Touring they did in a Two-Drummer configuration with G Calvin Weston. And Feral 
Luggage sound is best described as NullWave music (a style which merges/modernizes 
the roots of Alphabet-City/NYC/mid-1980s - Punk, Free-Jazz, World Fusion, 
Harmolodic Jazz, No Wave, Electro-acoustic Noisescapes.) ... 

...If you like Ornette Coleman's Primetime, Miles Davis' Electric Band, Sun Ra's Arkestra, 
Last Exit,  Noisette Obscura, Sonny Sharrock,  James Blood Ulmer's Odyssey band 
you'll like FERAL LUGGAGE...

ADRAINE's cello work 
borrows from a rough-
hewn driven Central-
Asian spike fiddle 
inspired playing (with 
incorporation of string 
harmonics in it's melodic 
structures) along with 
bowing, pluck and 
striking of the instru-
ment with the rhythms of 
Caribbean/Cuban, Central 
and South America, Sub-
Sharan Africa, along with 
American Rock and Soul.
Her non-performing time 
includes graduate work in 
Ethnomusicology and she 
hosts a radio program 
highlighting world music 
and also writes reviews 
for a website addressing 
popular culture.

MARK's drumming ex-
perience in a range 
of bands in rock, 
punk, and metal, thru 
straight ahead to free 
jazz, and his ex-
perience in experimental 
and abstract noise, 
places him squarely in 
the centerof the pulse  
of this NullWave sound... 

ELIJAH's adding to the over-
all lexicon of his instru-
ment (the 6-string frettless 
electric bass) through sonic 
explorations that 
bridge accepted modern 
extended technique and 
experimentalism and noise 
elements...Eli still maintains 
a lock on the rhythmic and 
harmonic and compositional 
vocabulary and feel of the 
jazz and free jazz 

KERSTI's training/interest in 
cultural anthropology, love 
of indigenous musics and 
performance experience in 
the punk, newwave, and jazz 
genres, all combine to 
bring a distinctly post-
modern meets indigenous 
roots feel to her saxophone 
and flute work as well as 
her use of North African 
reed instruments. She 
provides a distinct 'ancient-
modern' melodic element of 
our work.

MIKA - Equal parts home-
grown rough skumbletronic 
guitar lines, jazz-funk flute 
playing, and a formal 
background in electronic 
and electro-acoustic music 
composition, along with 
his research into 
computer process based 
arts and music.. add 
to the diverse nature of 
our sound and performance

PATRICK's incorporation of a 
fornal approach to drumming 
with an experimental flare 
for exploring textural 
aspects of rhythms allows 
he and Mark to cover a wide 
range of atpmospherics and 
rhythmic interactions which 
define the Feral Luggage 

COLLEEN's Background in 
experimental composition 
and improvised performance 
augments her unique cello 
style and adds to the over-
all cinematic soundscape
side of Feral Luggage.