Poets of Mars / Feral Luggage background

About POM

Poets of Mars (POM)perform a Pan-Planetary Music 
drawing on the a range of music from a set of seasoned players : Free Improvisation 
borrowing from areas including: Globally-inspired Roots Music, Free Jazz, Harmolodic Jazz, 
Punk Jazz, Global-Jazz-Rock-Fusion, Electro-acoustic chamber improvisation and ambient 

Our Performance

POM's performances let the audience experience a unique and evocative sonic/sensory 
journey unfolding in the sonic interplay and in a non-linear narrative augmented by 
the words of Elliott and the abstract/impressionist kinetic video work of Mika.  

What's in a name

The origins of the name Poets of Mars came from the  title of a piece called 
'Bedouin Poet of Mars: The Last Poet'  composed by Mika and performance at the Outsound 
New Music Summit Festival in 2014.

That piece presents the story of a last living bedouin poet of mars who shepherds the 
only other living thing on Mars (a small plant) to find a safe place for it after a 
Martian Apoclypse. 
Origins of the band

Mika Pontecorvo and Kersti Abrams went to hear a concert by the jazz fusion group New 
Olduvi from Philadelphia and we talked about doing some things with New Olduvi's leader 
Elliott and percussionist Mogauwane.

So we put together some performances sometime later when Elliott was on the west coast 
again and his buddy Kash Killion came to a couple of the gigs to sit-in on cello and 
we all liked the overall feel of it and thought it would make some sense to do more.

In the mean time Mika collaborated with G Calvin Weston from Philly with Mika's band 
Cartoon Justice to do an Album Terra Lingua (Sketches) and a short east coast tour with 
a two drummer configuration.. This made the sound Mika wanted for a Nullwave project 
called Feral Luggage. So we added another drummer and a cellist and Feral Luggage 
was born.

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