Review of Feral Luggage core member's album TERRA LINGUA (sketches) - (from blog2comm April 2018) : BLOG2COMM

"Mika Pontecorvo, G. Calvin Weston with Cartoon Justice-TERRA LINGUA (SKETCHES) CD (Cartoon Justice Records)

I always enjoy these little outta nowhere surprises and this platter is one surprise that I sure needed 
especially in these usually snoozier than usual times. Other'n for Weston I know nada about who these 
people are and what they've been up to ever since they picked up their gear, but Pontecorvo, Weston and 
Cartoon Justice sure put out a mighty hot jazz rock (as in fusion done up right!) that keeps my attention 

The nearest thing that I can compare this to is Noisetet Obscure, this hot jazz rock act that used to 
pop up at the old CBGB Lounge back during the final days of that club's history, and their electronic 
yet rock take on everything from Dolphy on used to give me hope for a future of bright blare. (Just pop 
their name into the search window above to see what I had written on 'em way back when.)

Like Noisetet, these guys deal in a sorta rock jazz avant hybrid of everything I thought jazz would 
sound like in the here and now only nobody calling the jazz shots these days would fess up to it. 
Maybe you could call it a Human Arts Ensemble update with heavy synth sounds permeating or what I would 
have hoped Sonny Sharrock woulda been up to had he lasted this long down the music line. Frantic and 
cluttered, yet with a clear musical vision that sure sounded good back in the seventies when you were 
young and upstarting, yet it sounds even better in the here and now giving us all a bright glimpse of 
musical hope!"